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Director's Message

Tokyo Johoku Japanese Language School was founded in 1988 by a Tokyo Adachi-ku expert.
The purpose is to nurture the excellent human resources from a world-class educational system.

Johoku was relocated to Takenotsuka in 2000 to expand and meet therequirements of people from various countries.
Our school has produced excellent graduates Over the years. They are active in various areas of the world.

The philosophy of Tokyo Johoku Japanese Language School are:
"Creative power to open the future", "A humble heart respects different cultures," "Sense of responsibility as required by society."

We pray for your success.


School Information

Student Capacity: 360
Buildings : 2
Classrooms : 10 
Teaching Staff: 22 Japanese teachers.
Office Staff: 7 people (Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese.)
Dormitory: 47 People (12 male & 35 female)

School Facilities

● Fully heated and air-conditioned classrooms
● Free Wi-Fi access
● Computer area
● Self-study room
● Library area
● Dormitory

School History

1 April 1988


Tokyo Johoku Japanese Language School opened the doors to students from all over the world at the first building in Iko, Tokyo, allowing us to accept 280 students into our institute.

1 April 2000


Johoku relocated to Takenotsuka in the Adachi ward of Tokyo to increase student capacity.

1 July 2018                         


We opened a branch school closer to Takenostuka station to expand out capacity to meet the demands of applications booting student capacity to 360 people.

What Our Students Say

“I was so suprised how good the classes were. My goal was to learn Japanese and then get a job. Classes were tough at first, but once my language ability improved I could speak, read and write so much Japanese. In my 18 month course I learnt enough Japanese to get a good job where I can uase English and Japanese.”

“My first month was quite hard to adjust to the classroom style and language. But, the teachers were so kind, helpful and acommodated my pace. After classes I could ask the teacher questions about my lesson to clarify what I didn't fully understand. It was a wonderful experience for me and I learnt so much.”

“The school and teachers have that old-fashioned homely feel to it. It was scary at first being in Japan, but teachers encouraged and helped me to settle in and guided me throughout my course. When graduation was getting closer, they helped me to prepare for entering university where I am currently studying. Thank you Johoku.”


5-6-18 Takenotsuka 
Adachi-ku, Tokyo


EMAIL: info@tokyojh.jp 
TEL:  03-5242-8501
FAX:  03-5242-8502