Criteria and documents needed for application



To apply to study at our institute, applicants must meet the below criteria.


Applicants must have completed at least 12 years of formal education in theor home country and have graduated or will graduate before coming to Japan. 
Apllicants must also have a keen interest in studying Japanese language as their main reason for coming to Japan.

Financial Supporter

The financial supporter must be able to pay the first year of tuition once the certificate of eligibility has been issued.
The financial supporter must also be able to provide suitable documentation showing eligibility for financial support.

Tuition Fees

Once the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) has been released by immigration, the supporter must pay the school for the first year of tuition. 
Once paid, the COE and all other documents will be posted directly to the student/agent for submission to the local Japanese Embassy.

Course Registration Entrance Fee Tuition Fee Facilities Consumption Tax Total
First Year Fees¥20,000¥50,000¥660,000¥20,000¥75,000¥825,000
1 Year 3 Months--+  ¥165,000+ ¥5,000+ ¥17,000¥1,012,000
1 Year 6 Months--+ ¥330,000+ ¥10,000+ ¥34,000¥1,199,000
1 Year 9 Months--+ ¥495,000+ ¥15,000+ ¥51,000¥1,368,000
2 Years--+ ¥660,000+ ¥20,000+ ¥68,000¥1,573,000

+ Student Insurance (¥10,000 - ¥15,000 dependong on enrollment)
※ Once fees are paid, they cannot be refunded

Required Documents

Please check the documents needed for application below.

Documents From Applicant Documents From Supporter
① Application Form
① Letter of Payment
② 7x Recent Passport Photographs (3cm x 4cm) ② Birth Certificate / Family Register
③ Resume③ Certificate of Incumbancy
④ Copy of Passport (including pages with previous visits to Japan) ④ Certificate / Statement of Bank Balance
⑤ Birth Certificate / Family Register ⑤ Copy of Bank Book (if applicable)
⑥ Diploma & Transcript of final education ⑥ Employment Certificate (proof of employment)
⑦ Proof of Home Address⑦ Proof of Home Address
⑧ Employment Certificates (if applicable)⑧ Proof of Income (for past 3 years)
⑨ Japanese Test Certificate (if applicable)⑨ Proof of Tax Payments (for past 3 years)
⑩ Copy of ID Card⑩ Copy of ID Card / Passport

● Please write with a black ball-point.
● Please write the admission day and a graduation date correctly.
● Item 6: Please write the school name and the address in detail.
● Item 8: Please fill in any part-time job experience and military service.
※ Please don't use white-out.
※ Those who have exceeded more than five years after graduating from school must provide a career certificate and a statement of the reason why you wish to continue education after a long gap.
※ If you created the application form using Word or Excel, please be sure to print and sign all copies in the relevant spaces.


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