Frequently Asked Questions

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Courses start from ¥735,000 per year for VISA sponsorship and ¥155,000 for three month short courses.

Student visas are only for students who genuinely want to study Japanese and we believe will be good students at our school. We can provide visa sponsorship and get students visas, but only if they meet our criteria.

You can get a part time job and work up to 28 hours during the semester and can work overtime during the school holidays.

Unfortunately not, we will only apply for visas for students studying 15 months or more.

All the application requirements and documents needed for a successful application can be found on the Admission page

We can help all out students to find work based on their overall Japanese ability.


5-6-18 Takenotsuka 
Adachi-ku, Tokyo


EMAIL: info@tokyojh.jp 
TEL:  03-5242-8501
FAX:  03-5242-8502