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Welcome to
Tokyo Johoku Japanese Language School


Tokyo Johoku Japanese Language School was established in 1988 and was located in Iko, Tokyo. In 2000, the school moved to a larger building in Takenostuka, Tokyo, expanding the capacity of the school and being in a more convenient area.
In 2018 we opened a second branch school lear Takenotsuka station to facilitate the increase in applications and reduce class capacity.

Our aim is to improve the ability of Japanese language in a short period of time. We have a high enrollment rate to Colleges, Universities and graduate schools throughout Japan.
We believe in education in accordance with personality. Our teachers are highly trained and using their knowledge and experience, will teach at a pace you are comfortable with.

We organise various events for students throughout the year from calligraphy, to barbecues to field trips. There is always an opportunitity every season to socialise with your classmates and teachers.


Engaging Classes

Classes are designed for students to not only be able to interact with their teachers, but also with each other. Each class will have a goal for reading, writing, speaking and listening, enabling teachers to create a social atmosphere.


Field Trips & Activities

Field trips are also organised to give students an opportunity to socialise with teachers and classmates and practice the Japanese they have learned.


Living Support

We support students not only in the classroom but outside as well. Our academic office is open to students wishing to ask questions or have concerns as well as visit the secretariat office for support on living in Japan.


Information about activities and events at Johoku


October 2018 Entrance Ceremony

We welcomed more than 40 new students on our 18 month course.


5-6-18 Takenotsuka 
Adachi-ku, Tokyo


TEL:  03-5242-8501
FAX:  03-5242-8502