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Tokyo Johoku Japanese Language School uses a combination of textbooks and our own in house materials made by our profesional team of teachers.

We have 4 semesters a year which focus on different levels of Japanese ability from complete beginner to advanced/fluent level.

At the end of a semester, all students take a review test that will determine if they are ready to move up to the next level, or still need to review some more. Each semester has been prepared to teach students the Japanese they need to pass JLPT and function in society, with the first 6 months focusing on basic vocabulary and grammar.


二部制 (月~金曜日)

クラス レッスン1休憩 レッスン2 Break レッスン3休憩 レッスン4
午前授業09:00 ~ 09:455分09:50 ~ 10:3510分10:45 ~ 11:305分11:35 ~ 12:20
午後授業13:00 ~ 13:455分13:50 ~ 14:3510分14:45 ~ 15:305分15:35 ~ 16:20


コースはJLPT N5からJLPT N1まで


初級Ⅰ (0~3ヶ月)

The foundation of Japanese is taught allowing for students to learn the basic vocabulary, grammar, speaking and listening, hiragana, katakana and about 100 kanji.


初級Ⅱ (4~6ヶ月)

The level 2 elementary course builds on current vocabulary and introducing new vocabulary and building on the grammar taught in level 1 class. Students also learn about 250 kanji.


中級Ⅰ (7~9ヶ月)

This class is the equivalent to JLPT N3 that will enable students to read magazines and newspapers and introduce new grammar with a focus on professional Japanese use for academic and career use.


中級Ⅱ (10~12ヶ月)

This class is the equivalent to JLPT N2 that focuses on advancing communication, both speaking and writing to drastically expand Japanese Comprehension and introduce more reading practice.


中級Ⅲ (13~15ヶ月)

This class is the foundation of JLPT N1 and enables students to fluently communicate with Japanese people, read books and improves comprehension to enter graduate school and work in Japanese companies.


上級Ⅰ (16~18ヶ月)

This class is the intermediate JLPT N1 that focuses on advancing written Japanese to drastically expand comprehension of written materials and prepare students for graduate school or a career in Japan. 


上級Ⅱ (19~21ヶ月)

This class is the higher JLPT N1 that will enable students to prepare for graduate schools in Japan, focusing on grammar, vocabulary and kanji use to prepare students for entering graduate school.


上級Ⅲ (22~24ヶ月)

This class is the advanced JLPT N1 that will enable students to prepare for graduate schools or start a career in Japan. This class focuses on grammar, vocabulary, communication and kanji use.


〒121-0813 東京都足立区竹ノ塚5-6-18


TEL:  03-5242-8501
FAX:  03-5242-8502