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When a student visa is required

Admission time Period Application Learning time
April 2 years Sept 1 - Nov 20 1600 h
July 1 year 9 months July 1 - Mar 20 1400 h
October 1 year 6 months Mar 1 - May 20 1200 h
January 1 year 3 months Jan 1 - Sept 10 1000 h

Payment Application Fee Registration Fee Tuition Fee
(First year)
Facilities Fee Materials Fee Total
¥20,000 ¥50,000 ¥600,000 ¥50,000 ¥15,000 ¥735,000

※Please pay Entry fee at the time of application In addition Insurance Fee 10000 yen ~ 15000 yen.

Requirements for admission
● Those who have completed 12 years of formal schooling in their home countries.
● Those who can pay tuition and accommodation expenses.


Application Procedure

(When a student visa is required)
The applicant → The following documents are required
・1 Passport sized photograph(3cm×4cm) Only photograph taken within 3 months
・Please check that there is no omission in entry and stamp a signature or a seal.

②Personal record
・Please write with a black ball-point. ※Please don't use white-out.
・Item 6: Please write the school name and the address in detail.
Please write the admission day and a graduation date correctly.
・Item 8: Please fill in any part-time job experience and military service.
※Those who have exceeded more than five years after graduating from school →Career certificate, study plans, the statement of the reasons for such is required.
・Item 9: Please write only the immigration to Japan. ※Need a copy of passport.
・Item 10: Please write the reason why you want to study in Japan. Please be as specific as possible.

If you created the application form using Word or Excel, please be sure to sign all copies in the relevant space.

別添書類  Documents
Birth certificate or Family register  ※中国籍 → 戸口簿、親族関係公証書  
Viet Nam → Family register and Birth certificate, Copy of Resident registrationcard

Diploma of the last school attended (Original)、certificate of Graduation
・ The Diploma (original) will be returned after the end of the review.

⑤ID Photo(3cm×4cm)8 pieces  ※ Taken within 3 months

Copy of passportThose who have, please submitsure.
・ Copy the page that lists the passport number and ID photo.
・ If you have visited or stayed in Japan previously → Please copy all of the pages that stamp is pressed.

Expenditure payment person's document

①Personal Reference                                
Please note tha tthose without the signature of the guarantor becomes invalid.
・ Please confirm that there are no omissions.
・ Item1:Underwriting details → Relationship with students, Please write the details to assume the guarantor.
・ Item 2-(3):Method of payment and frequency → Bank transfer, Delivery by hand, Live together, etc. Please writein detail.
・ Please do not forget the signature or seal.
Family registerBirth certificate)  ※中国籍 → 戸口簿+親族関係公証書  
Viet Nam → Family register and Birth certificate, Copy of Resident registrationcard
※ Please like to able to prove the relationship between student and guarantor.

④Certificate of Incumbency
・  Business executive → Business registration certificate or Business license,    Company registration certificate
Company employee → Certificate of incumbenc(company phone number and address should be written.)
Income certificate for the past 3 years.
・ Business executive → Tax certificate, Copy of tax return documents, etc.
Company employee →Income certificate, Withholding slip, Taxation certificate, etc.
Certificate of deposit balance of the bank
Copy of bank book (if applicable)
・ Please submit a bank book that records the deposit and withdrawal of money.

Short Course (working holiday, person who already has resident status)


Short termWorking holiday

Course Addmision Payment
Short term 3-month Apr, Jul, Oct, Jan ¥175,000
Working holiday 3-month Apr, Jul, Oct, Jan ¥155,000
Working holiday 3-month Apr, Jul, Oct, Jan ¥310,000

Entrance qualification:
Not related to nationality and age.
People who are supporting their own visa..


「Person who has resident status of other」

We accept students who have resident status of student as a regular course student. And also we accept students who
have orher resident status about 「Long-Term Resident」「 Spouse of Japanese」「Family stay」「Business」as auditor.
But they haven't course. Its means they can't get certificate of graduation.

We recommend entrance every quarter.
You can enroll at any time if there is a capacity in the appropriate class to your Japanese level.

If there is no space in any of the classes, you may not be accepted.   Please check in advance.

Class time
 Morning classes (Higher-Intermediate Advanced) 09:00 - 12:20      Mon - Fri
 Afternoon classes (Beginner Intermediate) 13:00 - 16:20          45 min x 4




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